Before you scroll down to check out all your equipment and software options. Please click below for a preview of the possible savings with the Edge Program.

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With the Edge program you are simply notifying your customers that instead of raising the rates on all your goods and services, you are now providing a discount to anyone who pays with CA$H! If they choose to use their credit or debit card, there will be a small percentage added directly to their total sale.

How this helps you as the business owner

You are now taking control! You have the choice to decide if you want your customers to pay 1%-4% of a non-cash fee. Utilizing the Edge Program can reduce your fees up to 95% off of traditional processing programs.

Do I still get a free terminal?

In 99% of cases we are able to provide a free terminal that is connected through phone line, ethernet cable or WiFi.

In fact we have 2 options on equipment. The Dejavoo terminal is available or the PayAnywhere tablet.

Is there a contract?

In most cases there are not any contracts or early termination fees.

Do I have to do cash discount on every transaction?

The beautiful feature of this program is no you don't. Let's say you have a friend that frequents your business and you don't want them to pay the 1%-4%, you simply choose to cancel the 4% on that one transaction and you as the business owner will pay it on their behalf.

What are you waiting for? Call us today!

You will have free equipment, no contracts, and the best part is if you don't like this pricing structure, we can easily switch you  to the old way of processing. However, you are going to LOVE putting some extra revenue in your pocket with this new program! Call us today at 1-800-905-5164.



PayAnywhere A920 Smart Terminal

The wireless smart terminal that runs on PayAnywhere’s point-of-sale software while working off of 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity.
Its compact design features a 5” touchscreen, EMV chip card, NFC contactless, and magstripe reader. The beautiful design has a built-in receipt printer and front and back cameras for easy barcode scanning. This device is perfect for any business, as you can take credit cards at your counter, around your location, or on the road. Call me today, 903-939-1919, if you are interested in finding out more on this amazing new product. I'm so excited about how this can benefit your business. It even includes a time clock and inventory control!

Equipment & Software

Stand-alone Terminals

MPS offers a wide variety of stand-alone terminals. Most are offered to our customers for FREE!  We have terminals that connect via phone, ethernet, or wireless and don't forget swipers for your mobile device.

Tablet POS Systems & POS Systems

MPS has several FREE tablet POS systems to choose from along with fully integrated POS systems for purchase at an affordable price.  Whether you are a boutique, restaurant or auto repair shop, we have a solution for you. Contact us today for a free online demo.

Contact us today for a Free Online Demo for a point of sale system

e-Commerce Accounts

MPS offers several options with e-Commerce accounts. Take credit cards directly from your website. Take credit cards over the phone using your computer and we also offer Recurring Billing for service merchants.

Already Have Software & Hardware?

No problem, we are compatible with over 900 different softwares on the market! Don't get stuck with your software's processor. Get better rates and service by joining the team at MPS.

Gift Cards & Add-on's

MPS proudly offers several gift card programs. Our gift card programs are very affordable and a huge benefit to your revenue! We also offer check services, and cash advances. 


Retail Cloud POS


Employee Management 

- Time Clock & Attendance

- Payroll Extracts

E-mail Marketing

- Dropbox Backup / Restore

- Alert Management

- Customized Emails

Actionable Analytics

- Analysis Reporting

 - RecommendationAlgorithms

- Overstoced / Understocked

CRM Management

 - Loyalty Programs

- Club / Segment Pricing Promotions

- Email Marketing Integrations

- Expanded Reporting Package


Supply Chain Management

- Purchase Order Management

- Expanded Reporting Package

- Predictive Reordering

- Manufacturing

- Report Automation


- Eccommerce

- Kiosk Ordering

- Inventory Manager

- Minventory

- Customer Display

- Self Checkout

- Waitlist

- Surcharges

- Lay-away

- Skedool

- nGauge

- Serialization

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